What is the Cooltra Club?​

It's a loyalty plan designed to reward you for using our vehicles and improving your experience before, during and after each ride.

By being part of the Cooltra Club you will collect "Coolios", advance to the next levels. Discover all the benefits of each level!

¿Qué es el Cooltra Club?



Entry level


  • No additional benefits
  • Accumulate Coolios (points) with your trips, packs and/or passes and level up to receive future benefits.


If you have more than

500 CLS

  • Up to 5% off on your tariff
  • Up to 5% off on your paused rides
  • 10% off on our packs and passes


If you have more than

1500 CLS

  • Up to 10% off on your tariff
  • Up to 10% off on your paused rides
  • 10% off on our packs and passes
  • 10% off on daily or monthly scooter rentals

How it works

1 Earn Coolios

You can earn Coolios (points) by riding our vehicles and by buying any PACK or PASS.

For every euro you spend, you'll get 15 Coolios. The more Coolios you earn, the more benefits you’ll get.

Acumula Coolios

2 My Coolios

Coolios expire every 4 months, so take advantage of your benefits and make sure to stay on the same level or reach the next one, whenever you can.

Mis Coolios

3 My level in the Cooltra Club

At the beginning of each month, your level in the Cooltra Club will be updated: you can either stay on the same level, upgrade or downgrade, depending on the Coolios you have earned.

Mi nivel en el club


How do I join the Cooltra Club?

You don't have to do anything. By simply riding our vehicles, you are already part of the club.

What are Coolios?

Coolios are points you earn by riding our vehicles and buying a PACK or a PASS. For every €1 you spend, you earn 15 Coolios.

What are Coolios for?

They give you access to a number of advantages depending on what level you've reached: Basic, Cool or SuperCool. Click here to see all the benefits. Coolios are not exchangeable but allow you to go from one level to another.

Do Coolios expire?

Yes, we only take into account the Coolios earned in the last 4 months. Those corresponding to a previous period will expire.

How can I take advantage of the benefits of the Cooltra Club?

Every month (depending on your level) an email with instructions will be sent to you in order to activate your benefits. You must follow the instructions, apply them manually in the app and benefit from the corresponding discounts.

How can I check my Coolios number?

In the app > Side menu > Cooltra Club -> summary of your points.​

My Coolios from my last ride/purchase of a PACK/PASS have not been counted

Don't worry! The Coolios that you earn from your rides/purchases need a few hours to refresh and appear in your profile.​

Are the discounts applied to my rides taken into account when earning Coolios?

No. Only the invoiced amount is taken into account. For example, if the total cost of your ride is €3, we will take those €3 into account. If you have used a promotional code where the ride has cost you €0, we will not add any Coolios to your account.